The Darkness of Light: The Crystal of Light

8 April 2011

The Darkness of Light journey of self-discovery and coming of age is sure to be enjoyed by teens and young adults as well as readers of all ages.

In this world, there are many Crystals of Light - from the museums to the caves of great mystery and wonder. Each Crystal making beautiful even the darkest places, but there’s one that has been kept away from all eyes until now…
Mortals like you and me aren’t the only ones on this planet.

For there are others who have extraordinary abilities; Kyle Fang is one of these people whose life, along with the rest of his kind, would change when he and his friends will become a part of a war that was once at an end, but will begin again.

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The Darkness of Light: Tomb of Shadows: Volume 2

8 April 2011

In this coming of age novel, the second in the Crystal of Light series, Kyle, May and Dan are continuing their journey with their new group leader Zan while their friends continue their studies at the Academy of Magic.

Christine is only tagging along for the ride when they bring her back to Guardian’s Peak, also known as Grandfather Mountain, where her brother Ren gets pulled into more adventure than anyone could have anticipated. While there, Kyle, Dan and May face three dangerous tests, which they must pass to earn their advanced spell books called Elites. Meanwhile, Zan’s dark past is catching up with him as he meets up with his old team from long ago and Christine may be more than who she seems when it comes to light that a trap has been set for the teens.

The Akolts’ leader is on the prowl with his followers gathering up comrades for a storm that is on the horizon, but is that really all that he is interested in?

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The Darkness of Light: Warriors of Night: Volume 3

8 April 2011

Warriors of Night is the third novel in the Darkness of Light series which is very popular with teens and young adults but read by all. In this novel, William Boyd, a fifth year student at the Academy of Magic, the new school year is about to be the least of his and everyone else’s worries. With the Akolt slowly rising to power, the school and neighboring towns are faced with either forcing the non-magic people to move away or start using extra precautions to protect them.

Rather than quietly settling into the new school year, there is the news of a wanted Akolt member who is on the run and headed straight for the towns outside of school. The C.O.M. has sent out a select group to hunt down and capture the fugitive before the innocent get into harm's way.

What is the wanted person after and what will happen once they find what they are looking for? And why have William’s three friends been entered in the Three Tests when they aren’t at school to participate? In this volume of The Darkness of Light series, find out what has happened at the rest of the Academy while Kyle, May and Dan were with Zan in the hunt for the remaining fragments of the Crystal of Light.

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‘With the fourth novel in the Darkness of Light series nearing completion, he is bouncing back and forth between new stories and the book series. Upon completion of The Darkness of Light series, he plans on writing a more futuristic novel.’